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At 19, Rickey Gates dropped out of college and headed on a road trip to South America. It was a trip that would kick-start a life of adventure and travel.

Over a decade later and now a sponsored trail runner – Rickey’s love for the road has not diminished one bit. “On the Road” shares Rickey’s thoughts and philosophy on the life he has chosen as he road trips from Aspen Colorado to San Francisco in search of wild lands and some of the best trails in the USA.

Mt. Tam Fire Lookout

A collection of many timelapse sequences that I shot at the Mt. Tam East Peak Gardner Fire Lookout during one 3-day lookout shift in August, 2012. Pieces of these were used as a part of my Mt. Tamalpais fire lookout 6-minute mini-documentary for the Marin County Fire Department: vimeo.com/48169212

All shots edited in Lightroom4 and LRTimelapse2.

Music: “Geometry of Dreams” from the album “Bow and Cello” by Gretchen Yanover

Zen in America

ZEN IN AMERICA will be a multi-part documentary series looking at the history, the lineages and the practices of Zen Buddhism in North America. The film will feature renowned experts on the subject, including Buddhist teachers, scholars and practitioners. Over the coming years, this project will take filmmaker Adam Tebbe on an adventure of a lifetime across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Through candid interviews and footage shot on location at various Zen practice centers, viewers will walk away with a clearer understanding of how Zen came to North America, where we currently are, and where we might be heading. Topics of interest to be discussed will include the empowerment of women in the North American sangha, the participation of people of color, lay and monastic practice paths, engaged Buddhism, and much more.

The documentary will utilize narration, archival photographs, interviews and numerous hours of footage collected over the coming years while on location.

Adam Tebbe is a first-time filmmaker and is eager to tackle this project, bringing to the table his considerable knowledge of the subject as editor (since 2009) of the website Sweeping Zen. In ZEN IN AMERICA, Adam hopes to make a clear and compelling series that will appeal to a general audience.

Source: http://zeninamerica.com/

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